What Does A Test Manager Do?

Good day there! You already know, one of the roles that is typically present in system implementation projects is that of the test manager. Who does a test manager do? Lots of my readers are generally confused concerning the roles and obligations of the test manager.

In this article, I need to describe what a test manager does and the worth she or he adds to a project. A test manager position, for my part is critical because it covers high quality – quality of the software being implemented.

Normally, he or she will coordinate large groups of testers to test and debug software so that the product rolled out is of the absolute highest quality. Let’s discover more below.

Leads a team. A test manager have to be able to lead a team. Testing groups for big system implementation projects can comprise up to 50 to 100 testers. That’s a huge number of people to coordinate and supervise.

Improve product quality. The KPI for a test manager is product quality. This is usually the number of defects uncovered and fixed in a product. While a “product” in this context is often meant to be a software application – a test manager can be deployed not just for software projects, but also things like building, engineering, etc. Any product that demands high quality assurance will normally require a test manager.

Structured testing processes and tools. A test manager should be supported by good processes and tools. The rate at which defects are found (which can number into the hundreds in a day), plus the number of test situations and depth of research usually requires industrial power testing processes and systems. Usually, a software (e.g. HP QualityCenter) is deployed to help testing.

Past the definition above, there are a factors which must be highlighted in regards to the test manager role – the stress level and pre-requisites.

The stress level. A test manager’s job is stressful. Put it this way – his or her job is really the “last line of defence”. All defects must be uncovered and fixed by the testing team before the product ships out the door.

When you think about it, in a system implementation project, all of the Enterprise Analysts, Builders, etc. who’re involved in the earlier phases of a project – can theoretically do a bad job and “nobody will really know”. UNTIL the testing phase. The testing part is where the buck stops. All “hidden” problems in necessities, development and so forth – will come out. And stakeholders will likely be shocked to find that the software isn’t meeting their expectations, etc.

That form of state of affairs helps you perceive why a test manager’s job could be very stressful. It’s not for the weak of heart.

Roles and Obligations

Creating a test strategy and plan. A test manager should, before doing any detailed work, develop a proper test strategy and plan.

A test strategy is a paper document that lists out the key aims, approach and timeline for testing. It might additionally include particulars of testing processes and instruments, together with any individuals answerable for executing them.

The test plan is usually a VERY detailed plan that lists out who, what and when tests happen. Who is supposed to run a particular test script, utilizing what data and when it must be run. When certain batch jobs should be run to make sure test data “catches up” to the current test date. If you happen to’ve managed system testing before, you’ll know precisely what I imply

Creating test cases. Test cases are also the accountability of the test manager. What’s a test case, you ask? Here’s my definition.

The test manager ought to work with business stakeholders and also IT to ensure that all steps – down to what button to click on and what might be shown on the screen – are written into test case documents. When there’s absolute clarity in a test case, it’s also then easier for a tester to execute the test case.

Leading a testing crew to execute test cases. A test manager must coordinate many resources – playing the perform of a project manager. She or he must get the testing environments and locations set up. She or he must also get testers to check in and guarantee they run their assigned test cases their assigned dates. Which is why good test managers usually have robust project administration expertise as well.

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